Our work is published at the J Pharmacol Exp Therap (JPET) as cover article (August 2012)

“Structure-Guided Topographic Mapping and Mutagenesis to Elucidate Binding Sites for the Human Ether-a-Go-Go-Related Gene 1 Potassium Channel (KCNH2) Activator NS1643”

Serdar Durdagi, Jiqing Guo, James P. Lees-Miller, Sergei Y. Noskov, and Henry J. Duff

Our studies on hERG Modeling is recently published at the

J Chem. Inf. Model. (September 2012)

Dr Durdagi recently spoke to the NTV at 2nd

International BAU Drug Design Congress, at

Istanbul on recent advances and approaches on

drug design studies.